Heat shrinkable tubing, Heat Shrink Material Production

About Taiwan Yun Lin Heat Shrink Tubing Manufacturer
Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials specializes in manufacturing and producing heat-shrinkable tubes, heat-shrink materials, and insulation materials. We have factories in both Taiwan and China. The main products include thin-wall heat shrink tubes, adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tubing, and high-temperature resistant heat shrink sleeves. Heat shrink tubes for wire connections, high-voltage insulating heat shrink tubing, heat shrink molded shapes, PET heat shrink tubing, heat shrinkable tubes for fiber optic, heat shrink tubing assortment kits, number marking related tool kits, etc., G-APEX has distributors in the region all over the world, can provide our professional and rapidly product services, solve product problems for you in the most efficient way, and can also offer OEM and ODM services to meet the needs of all customers

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  • Wire and CableWire and Cable
  • Automotive IndustryAutomotive Industry
  • Electronic TerminalsElectronic Terminals
  • Petrochemical, Gas, Pipeline, Construction EngineeringPetrochemical, Gas, Pipeline, Construction Engineering
  • Electronic and Electrical IndustryElectronic and Electrical Industry
  • Medical IndustryMedical Industry
  • Office Automation, Roller Equipment PlantOffice Automation, Roller Equipment Plant
  • Heavy Power IndustryHeavy Power Industry
  • Telecom Industry, Optical Fiber IndustryTelecom Industry, Optical Fiber Industry
  • Marking IdentificationsMarking Identifications
  • Fishing Tackle and Sporting EquipmentFishing Tackle and Sporting Equipment
  • Lamps and Lighting IndustryLamps and Lighting Industry
  • Solar Energy IndustrySolar Energy Industry
  • Chain Store and RetailerChain Store and Retailer
  • Aerospace and Military IndustryAerospace and Military Industry
  • Battery, Electronic ComponentsBattery, Electronic Components
  • CapacitorCapacitor
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Mass storage of products and our service staff in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, providing the fastest ship out and instant services.

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