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Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

The thin wall heat-shrinkable tubing is the most widespread type of heat shrink tube. It is made of cross- linked irradiation polyolefin. It provides various insulation protection applications for electronic & electrical machines, automobiles, communications, marine, and so on. The products have characteristics of fast shrinkage, stable performance, excellent weather resistance, environmental protection compliance, safety regulations as well as low cost.

G-APEX understands it is a great safety responsibility that the heat shrink tubing served as an insulation cover. We have to ensure the reliability of the insulation property of the objects covered. Our requirements on quality will not be sacrificed for cost control. Products were all passed various physical indicators to achieve the safety regulations that UL requested, and have also passed the outdoor solar exposed and weather resistance test for more than 10 years. We are confident to provide customers with safe and reliable products.