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For over 20 years, G-APEX has been dedicated to the research and development of new materials and products in the fields of heat shrink, cold shrink tubing, and tapes. To solve the requirement on quality, safety, cost reduction, and services for the market, and provide solutions for electrical insulation and sealing protection applications for different industries.
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Heat Shrink Tubing

Taiwan Yun lin Applied Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. A manufacturer in Taiwan that specializes in the production of heat shrink materials. It is richly experienced and provides a variety of heat-resistant and durable heat-shrinkable tubes. The products include thin-walled Heat-shrinkable tubes, adhesive-lined heat-shrinkable tubes, high temperature resistant heat-shrinkable tubes, wire connection heat-shrinkable tubes, high voltage insulating heat-shrinkable tubes, etc.

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials Co., Ltd. was ISO 9001 certified. Polyolefin heat shrinkable tubes are produced via strict and meticulous manufacturing procedures. Our insistence on product quality is to provide the highest quality heat shrinkable tube products and better services to buyers worldwide. You are most welcome to contact Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials to obtain more related product information.

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Medical-grade Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Medical heat shrink tubing is the idealest choice for covering medical devices of different diameters and sizes. Medical heat shrink tubing provides wear protection in medical devices, insulation in laparoscopic electrosurgical equipment, mechanical protection and insulation of highly flexible joints as a processing assistance for interventional applications.

Our heat shrink tubing offers high-quality tubing that guarantees durability, reliability, and high performance. With extensive experience in...

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Electrical Interconnect Heat Shrinkable Tubing

As a professional heat shrink wire connectors, electrical heat shrink tubing and wire butt connectors manufacturer, Taiwan Yun Lin emphatically performance and quality of products and focus on strictly processing control of electrical insulation tubing.

Our main products include 125° wire splice connectors, water proof crimp wire connectors. Please choose any following butt splice connector which you are interested in or feel free to contact us for details if you have further questions...

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Tapes are divided into categories of Self-Fusing Waterproof Tapes, Waterproof Insulation Mastic Tape, Cross-linked High-elastic Self-Fusing Waterproof Tapes, and cross-linked voltage-resistant silicone tapes. Self-fusing waterproof tape is made of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene. It is specially designed for electrical insulation and waterproof sealing for power cable connections, communication cable joints, and power bus-bar joints. It has good resistance performance to voltage, water, and UV. Provide excellent and reliable protection.

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Braided Sleeving

Taiwan Yun Lin supplies various braided sleeving products and insulating sleeve such as PET dense braided self-wrap sleeving, PET braided self wrap sleeving, PET expandable braided sleeves, PET expandable braided sleeves. We provide consistent and efficient braided sleeving through our oversea distributors and agents. If you can't find a proper insulation sleeve or shrink tubing from our existing products which meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us for more information...

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Cold Shrink Tubing

Cold Shrink Tubing is a type of tubing that shrinks in normal temperatures, so no heat is required to cause shrinking. With cold shrink tubing, it is easy to insulate, connections, repair, and bundle the wires. Although it functions just like heat shrink tubing, but safety is the prime concern, cold shrink tubing is best suited when the environment is potentially explosive or flammable, It is also suitable for narrow spaces in many industrial...

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Moulded Shapes

Taiwan Yun lin Applied Materials specializes in the production of heat shrink molded shapes including molded shrink sleeves, cable waterproof heat shrink finger caps, cable waterproof heat shrink sealing caps, etc. Molded shrink shapes are mainly used at cable openings and bifurcation concentrated end connections, which can effectively stress relief and provide good sealing and mechanical protection. Cable waterproof heat shrinkable finger caps can be applied in voltages up to 1kV and have good electronic insulation, UV protection, and weather resistance. Inside the cable waterproof heat shrinkable cap is coated with the spiral hot melt adhesive, which provides excellent moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials is ISO certified and manufactures heat shrink molded shapes that are sold in various countries. Welcome to contact us.

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Marking Systems

Taiwan Yun Lin manufactures wire marking system and cable marking system such as release liner heat shrink sleeve spool heat shrink marker sleeve, cut mark dispenser, pocket-pack wire and cable marker book, marker grip and snap-on wire marker…etc.

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