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Heat Shrink Tubing

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. A manufacturer in Taiwan that specializes in the production of heat shrink materials. It is richly experienced and provides a variety of heat-resistant and durable heat-shrinkable tubes. The products include thin-walled Heat-shrinkable tubes, adhesive-lined heat-shrinkable tubes, high temperature resistant heat-shrinkable tubes, wire connection heat-shrinkable tubes, high voltage insulating heat-shrinkable tubes, etc.

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials Co., Ltd. was ISO 9001 certified. Polyolefin heat shrinkable tubes are produced via strict and meticulous manufacturing procedures. Our insistence on product quality is to provide the highest quality heat shrinkable tube products and better services to buyers worldwide. You are most welcome to contact Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials to obtain more related product information.

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Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

The thin wall heat-shrinkable tubing is the most widespread type of heat shrink tube. It is made of cross- linked irradiation polyolefin. It provides various insulation protection applications for electronic & electrical machines, automobiles, communications, marine, and so on. The products have characteristics of fast shrinkage, stable performance, excellent weather resistance, environmental protection compliance, safety regulations as well as low cost.

G-APEX understands it is a great safety responsibility that the heat shrink tubing served as an insulation cover. We have to ensure the reliability of the insulation property of...

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Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials has specialized in manufacturing adhesive-lined heat-shrinkable tubes for decades. All adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tube products passed ISO9001 product certification, and it also continuously develops wire and cable insulation materials and products.

The adhesive lined heat shrinkable tubing produced by Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials includes dual-wall adhesive lined heat shrinkable tubing, automotive wiring...

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Fluoroplastic Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials was founded in 1998 as a professional high temperature resistant heat shrinkable tubing manufacturer who mainly supplies variety of high temperature resistant fluoroplastic heat shrink tubing, including 150℃ PVDF heat shrink tubing, 175℃ PVDF heat shrink Tubing, 200℃ fluoroplastic heat shrinkable tubing, 200℃ TELFLON heat shrink tubing, 260℃ TELFLON heat shrink tubing and diesel resistant heat shrink tubing...etc.

Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials Co., Ltd can provide fast and complete services and requirements of quality, and is a trustworthy...

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High Voltage Insulation Heat Shrink Tubing

High-voltage heat shrink tubing is used to improve the insulation properties of bus-bars in substations and switchgear. Insulated tubing offers UV protection, fire resistance, flexibility, high chemical resistance, premium insulation properties and a 2.5:1 shrink ratio. High-voltage isolation tubes can be divided into HB1, HB2 and HB3 according to different voltage capacities.

If you are looking for an experienced and professional electrical insulation supplier, Taiwan Yunlin Applied Materials Co., Ltd. is your best choice. We have over...

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Fiber Optical Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Fiber optic heat shrinkable tubes mainly include heat shrinkable tubes, 304 stainless steel rods, and ceramic rods.

It can well improve the mechanical strength of the optical fiber splice point, protect the splice point, ensure the reliability of the splice, and guarantee good optical transmission performance. Before shrinking, the transparent outer layer of the optical fiber heat shrink tube can be used to observe whether the optical splice is correctly connected, allowing the optical fiber to be assembled simply and safely, and providing protection. After shrinking, the transmission characteristics of the...

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Assortment Kit

Taiwan Yun Lin is a trustworthy and an experienced heat shrink tubing assortment manufacturer of for heat shrink tubing using. We provide high quality heat shrink tubing kit to customers as they need. The convenient and complete portable heat shrink kit includes heat shrinkable tubing in 2", 4" and 6" cut pieces and is available in various colors and comes with different sizes to satisfy strain relief, splicing, connecting, identification, environmental protection and cable repair applications.

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