WT300 - Self-Fusing Insulation Caulking Mastic Tape

-40~+90 Uvproof Rainproof


WT300 is a flexible and elastic rubber material mastic tape, great insulation performance used with the PVC tape can apply to the high voltage cable joints or the insulation and waterproof protection for the branch of the busbar. Good plasticity can be used for insulation and waterproofing on irregular shapes.

Operating Temperature Range

  • Continuous operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 90℃


Standard color: black


  • Excellent waterproof seal
  • Weather resistance and anti-aging
  • Flexible, elastic and easy to shape

Technical Data

Property Test Method Typical Value
Dielectric strength ASTM D2671 ≥15kV/mm
Volume resistivity ASTM D991 ≥ 1014Ω‧cm


Part Number Size
Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Standard Length (Meter)
WT-300 2 30 1

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