NS8 - Cold Shrink EPDM Rubber Sleeve for Handle

-55~+150 Uvproof Rainproof RoHS


Using high weather resistance EPDM rubber sleeve expanded and assembled onto a spiral type removable plastic supporting core. Suitable applied to various handles of fishing rods, rackets, paddles, athletic equipment and industrial hand tools.
Replace the traditional way of EVA foaming and PU wrapping tape to avoid the possibility of loosening. Remove the supporting core at position that requires insulation and seal protection, the organic EPDM rubber sleeve will quick and tightly shrink onto the handles. Allows to quick accomplishing the seal protection without using open fire and tools.
NS8 has an outstanding elasticity and texture, the grain on surface can increase the friction to achieve the anti-slip performance. The high-efficiency insulating material can enhance the safety of outdoor user to prevent accidentally electric shock.

Operating Temperature Range

  • Continuous operating temperature: -55℃ ~ 150℃


Standard color: black, (Special sizes and cut pieces are available on request.)


  • Excellent chemical withstand and UV resistance
  • High elastic and non-slip shock absorption property
  • High insulation performance, avoiding lightning strikes
  • Non fire source heating required, fast shrinkage
  • RoHS compliant

Technical Data

Property Specification Requirement Test Method Typical Value
Ultraviolet Exposing Test UVA340/1000h ASTM G154 Pass
Tensile strength ≥7 MPa ASTM D412 7.5MPa
Elongation at break ≥850% ASTM D412 ≥970%
Diameter retraction shrinkage 80% and more 180 Days Pass


Part Number I.D. as supplied
I.D. after recovered
Length after fully recovered
Application Range
NS8-4414-170 44±1 14±2 170 16~42
NS8-4414-380 44±1 14±2 380 16~42

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