MH - PVC Heat Shrinkable Wire Marking Number Ring



The MH series PVC heat-shrinkable number ring is made of the high-quality PVC material heat-shrinkable tube after printing, cutting, and prop open processes, which is convenient for users to thread wires. No need to cut, and open the heat-shrinkable tubing, which can save lots of working hours, the product has a variety of different printing contents, are mainly used for wire marking applications.

Approvals / Specifications

UL224 File no. E186611

Operating Temperature Range

  • Continuous operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 105℃


Standard color: White


  • Flame retardant
  • Printing clear
  • Done cutting and prop open, convenient to use.

Technical Data

Property Specification Requirement Test Method Typical Value
Dielectric voltage withstand AC2500V/60S
No breakdown
UL 224 No breakdown
Volume resistivity ≥109Ω‧cm ASTM D257 ≥109Ω‧cm
Flammability VW-1 UL 224 VW-1


Part Number Size(mm) Lay flat(mm) W.T.(mm) Horizontal shrinkage ratio Vertical Shrinkage ratio Package (PCS/BAG)
MH0040 4 7.3±0.2 0.09±0.1 6±2 14±3 10000
MH0050 5 9.2±0.2 0.09±0.1 6±2 14±3 10000

  • MH0040(L:11mm): 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • MH0040(L:10mm): U/U1/U2/V/V1/V2/W/W1/W2
  • MH0050(L:11mm): 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • MH0050(L:10mm): U/U1/U2/V/V1/V2/W/W1/W2

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