High Temperature Resistant Heat Shrink Tubing

Taiwan Yun Lin was founded in 1998 as a professional high temp heat shrink tubing manufacturer who mainly supplies high quality high temperature resistant shrink tubing, such as high performance PVDF tubing, semirigid chemical resistant PVDF Tubing, TELFLON heat shrink tubing, flexible VITON tubing and diesel resistant flexible elastomeric tubing…etc.

Taiwan Yun Lin is a trustworthy manufacturer of high temperature resistant material. Welcome to contact us for all the heat resistant tubing that you are interested in; it is always our pleasure to help you.

HTK150 - Flexible PVDF Heat Shrinkable Tubing

HTK150 - Flexible PVDF Heat Shrinkable Tubing

KYNAR - Semi-Rigid PVDF Heat Shrinkable Tubing

VITON - Fluoroelastomer Heat Shrinkable tubing

FEP - 200˚C FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing

PTFE - 260˚C PTFE Heat Shrinkable Tubing

PFA - 260˚C PFA Heat Shrinkable Tubing

DR - 150˚C Diesel Resistant Elastomeric Heat Shrinkable Tubing