WT-200 Flexible Waterproof Sealant Tape

Made from radiation cross-linked EPR rubber, WT200 is very suitable to steel pipe anti-corrosion. Oxidation prevention, quick repairing multi-type damaged cable jacket as well as ultraviolet resistant. None-fire heating & tool-free characteristic, provides a reliable waterproof and insulation protection for electrical lines in places where can’t use open fire
Operating temperature range:
  • Operating temperature :-40℃~100℃

  • black
* Standard color :Black
  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Elastic outer-jacket tightly bonds the cable/pipe, oval indicating patterns convenient to operate.
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistant.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Anti Acid and alkali.
  • Waterproof.
Part NumberSize
Thickness(mm)Width(mm)Standard Length(Meter)
WT200-18 1.8 50 3

Operating instruction:
Pull the tape to make the oval indicating patterns become circular, then wound and overlap at 1/2 position of the circular.

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value
Dielectric strength ASTM D2671 ≥20KV/mm
Volume resistivity ASTM 876 ≥ 1014Ω‧cm