WT-300 Waterproof Insulation Tape

WT-300 Waterproof Insulation Tape

Designed for power cable accessories and heat shrink termination and the bonding of middle joint . It can also combine with heat shrink tubing to cover the underwater cables to achieve bonding, sealing, and waterproof requirements.
Characteristic :

High adhesion, sealing and waterproof.

Excellent dielectric strength , weather and aging resistance , also chemical corrosion and antibacterial.

Great elasticity and plasticity, bending resistance.

Provides low temperature mobile operation, very easy and flexible to use.

Operating temperature range:
  • Operating temperature : -40℃ ~90℃



* Standard color :Black
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
Part NumberSize(mm)
Thickness(mm)Width(mm)Standard Length(mm)
WT-300 2 30 360


PropertyTest MethodTypical Value
Dielectric strength ASTM D2671 ≥15KV/mm

Volume resistivity

ASTM 876 ≥ 1014Ω‧cm