Isolation Tape, Heat Shrink Wrap Tape

Tapes are divided into categories of Self-Fusing Waterproof Tapes, Waterproof Insulation Mastic Tape, Cross-linked High-elastic Self-Fusing Waterproof Tapes, and cross-linked voltage-resistant silicone tapes. Self-fusing waterproof tape is made of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene. It is specially designed for electrical insulation and waterproof sealing for power cable connections, communication cable joints, and power bus-bar joints. It has good resistance performance to voltage, water, and UV. Provide excellent and reliable protection. Waterproof Insulation Mastic Tape has good softness and adaptability. It is often used for sealing and waterproofing for optical fiber splicing, heat-shrinkable terminals, and cable joints. It has high bonding strength and excellent waterproof and aging resistance. The cross-linked voltage-resistant silicon tape is mainly used for the insulation operation of the Bus-bar connection. It provides after-winding insulation protection in irregular shapes and different environments. It can operate for a long time in an environment temperature up to 200℃ and can withstand a short-term high-temperature shock for 300℃, the applicable range of voltage level is 3.6kV~24kV.

WT800 - Rubber Mastic Tape

WT200 - Rubber Mastic Tape

WT-300 Waterproof Insulation Tape

WT300 - Waterproof Insulation Mastic Tape

High Voltage Electrical Tape

HBT - High Voltage Silicone Busbar Insulation Tape (Withstand voltage up to 15~24kV)