K5-101 Heat Shrinkable Tubing Kit


The convenient and portable assortment kit that includes heat shrinkable tubing in different pre-cut pieces and in various size to satisfy splicing, connecting, identification, environmental protection and cable repair applications. It’s an economical and excellent solution for electrical and electronics technicians.



Color:Black,Other colors ,special size, cut pieces are available on request.
  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Heat shrinkable tube : G5
  • Kit Size : 17.7x9.5x3.1cm
  • Plastic box material : Transparent PS
  • Immobile partition
Part Number: K5-101
G5 Heat shrinkable tube
ITEM NO.Nominal Size(mm)Length(mm)Black & Quantity
G5 1.5 35 30pcs
G5 2.5 35 30pcs
G5 3.5 35 20pcs
G5 5 35 20pcs
G5 7 75 10pcs
G5 10 75 10pcs
G5 13 75 7pcs

Quantity:127 pcs of G5 (2X)

***Specified color and quantity on request