BSC Hot knife device, Heat Knife Cutter

BSC Heat Knife Device, Hot Knife Cutter

A portable device and efficiently operation for cutting nylon and PET monofilament yarns braided sleeves. The 9cm length heated blade slices through sleeving and seals the ends in the same time to prevent fraying during installation and the highest temperature can reach 1292 ℉ / 700 ℃. It’s an ideal device for using in production environments. A lighted power switch heats to operation temperature in a few seconds.
Hot Knife Device Accessories
The knife blade is available on request.
Part number : BSC09
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Part No.VoltagePowerTemperatureWeight
BSC-1 110V 65W 1292°F/700°C 5.3kg
BSC-2 220V 71W 1292°F/700°C 5.5kg

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