HG - Heat Gun

HG - Heat Guns Manufacturer

Designed durable, efficient and multi-functional with two-temperature switch. The low setting is at 600℉ and the high temperature is rated at 1000℉. The body frame is made of a high impact resistant plastic housing, which equipped with a built-in slip-resistant stand for different accessories attachment.
Heat Gun Accessories
  • 1. Concentration nozzle
  • 2. Surface nozzle
  • 3. Reflector nozzle
  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Heat shrinkable tubing and sleeves.
Part No.VoltagePowerTemperatureApproval
HG-1200A 110V 1200W 1000 F/538 C ETL
HG-1200B 220V 1200W 1000 F/538 C ETL
HG-02001 230V 1500W 1000 F/538 C CE