Wire Butt Connectors, Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

As a professional heat shrink wire connectors, electrical heat shrink tubing and wire butt connectors manufacturer, Taiwan Yun Lin emphatically performance and quality of products and focus on strictly processing control of electrical insulation tubing.
Our main products include 125° wire splice connectors, 150° solder sleeve shield terminators, water proof crimp wire connectors. Please choose any following butt splice connector which you are interested in or feel free to contact us for details if you have further questions.

GAST-R 125℃ Solder sleeve wire splices

Solder Sleeve Wire Splices

GAST-B - 110℃ Solder Sleeve Wire Splices

GAST-RS - 125˚C Solder Sleeve Wire Splices

Wire Crimp Connectors

CRIMP - Waterproof Heat Shrinkable Crimp Splices

GAST-E - Closed End connector splices