ABS - Watertight Tube For Terminals And Crimp Splices

ABS - Watertight Tube For Terminals And Crimp Splices

ABS made by polyolefin with high property Polyamide adhesive-lined, which applied to terminals and crimp splices. Providing excellent water proof and corrosion resistance and completely insulates and protects electrical connections.
Approvals / Specifications:
File No. E323274
Operating Termperature Range:
  • Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 125℃
  • Minimum shrink temperature : 80℃
  • Minimum fully recovery temperature :130℃




Standard color :Red, blue and yellow (Other colors ,special size, cut pieces are available on request.)
  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Shrinkage ratio 3:1
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Water proof and moisture resistance
Part NumberAs supplied (mm)As recovery (mm)Standard Length
ABS48 4.8±0.3 0.50±0.15 1.5 1.10±0.15 100
ABS58 5.8±0.3 0.60±0.15 1.8 1.35±0.15 100
ABS68 6.8±0.3 0.65±0.15 2.2 1.45±0.15 100
ABS70 7.0±0.3 0.65±0.15 2.2 1.45±0.15 100
ABS80 8.0±0.3 0.70±0.15 3.0 1.50±0.15 50
PropertySpecification RequirementsTest MethodsTypical Value
Tensile strength(Room temp.) Min. 16Mpa ISO37 19.5 Mpa
Elongation at break (Room temp.) Min. 200% ISO37 450%
Tensile strength after aging(158℃/168hrs) Min. 11.5Mpa ISO37 15 Mpa
Elongation after aging(158℃/168hrs) Min. 100% ISO37 200%
Voltage withstand (Un-aged) Wifhstand 2.5 KV for 1minute and breakdown UL224 Pass
Voltage withstand (Aged) Withstand 2.5 KV for 1minute and breakdown at least half of un-aged breakdown voltage UL224 Pass
Copper corrosion(158℃/168 hrs) No corrosion of bare copper UL224 Pass
Copper stability(158℃/168 hrs) No sign of degradation Min. Elongation 100% UL224 No sign of degradation Pass
Cold bend(-30℃/1 hrs) No crack ISO6722 Pass
Maximum secant modulus (2%) 250Mpa ASTM D882 Pass
Volume resistivity Min. 1014Ω-cm ASTM D2671 Pass
Heat shock(250℃/4 hrs) No crack ASTM D2671 Pass