AIS-ES - Adhesive Heat Shrinkable Tubing for Automotive


AIS-ES is a waterproof heat shrinkable tubing for automotive wire harnesses. It is specially designed for wire harness insulation and waterproofing in the automotive industry. The higher 4:1 shrink ratio and high temperature resistance polyamide hot melt adhesive can fully resist water and protect the wire harness from corrosion and moisture. The outer layer is made of semi-rigid and abrasion resistant polyolefin, providing full protection for harsh environments in automotive.

Operating Temperature Range:
  • Continuous operating temperature: -55˚C~130˚C
  • Minimum shrink temperature: 135˚C
  • Full recovery temperature: Above 135˚C


Standard color: black (Other colors, special sizes, and cut pieces are available on request.)

  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • 4:1 high shrink ratio
  • Excellent watertight seal
  • Semi-rigid, abrasion resistant and flame retardant material
  • Resistant to common solvent
  • Compliance with RoHS and REACH environmental regulations

Part NumberAs supplied (mm)After recovered (mm)Standard Length(Meter)
AIS-ES1 5.72 1.27 1.20 1.22
AIS-ES2 7.44 1.65 1.52 1.22
AIS-ES3 10.85 2.41 1.91 1.22
AIS-ES4 17.78 4.45 2.41 1.22


PropertySpecification RequirementTest MethodTypical Value
Longitudinal change 0%~10% ASTM D2671 Pass
Tensile strength ≥10.3MPa ASTM D2671 ≥14MPa
Elongation at break ≥200% ASTM D2671 ≥200%
Tensile strength after aging 70% of initial value ASTM D2671
(158˚C/168 hrs)
Elongation at break after aging ≥100% ASTM D2671
(158˚C/168 hrs)
Heat shock No cracking ASTM D2671
(250˚C/4 hrs)
No cracking
Low temperature flexibility No cracking ASTM D2671
(-40˚C/4 hrs)
No cracking
Dielectric voltage withstand AC2500V/60S
No breakdown
ASTM D2671 No breakdown
Volume resistivity ≥1014Ω‧cm ASTM D2671 ≥1014Ω‧cm
Copper corrosion No corrosion ASTM D2671
(158˚C/168 hrs)
No corrosion
Flammability Self extinguishing within 30S after fire source removed. Shrink the tubing onto the axis and torch it vertically for 30 seconds. Pass