APO - High Elasticity Watertight Tube for Crimping Connectors

APO - High Elasticity Watertight Tube for Crimping Connectors

APO is made of modified polyolefin with high elasticity and transparency. The inner layer is coated with hot melt adhesive, which has good adhesion to PVC, PE and metals. It is used for heat shrinkable terminals and heat shrinkable crimp splices, providing excellent connection and insulation protection for terminals.
Operating Termperature Range:
  • Operating temperature: -40˚C~105˚C
  • Minimum shrink temperature: 70˚C
  • Full recovery temperature: Above 100˚C




Standard colors: red, blue and yellow (Other colors, special sizes, and cut pieces are available on request.)

  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Shrink ratio: 3:1
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Moisture proof and waterproof
  • High transparency and elasticity 
  • Compliance with RoHS and REACH environmental regulations

Part NumberAs supplied(mm)As recovery(mm)Standard Length(Meter)
APO48 4.7±0.3 0.50±0.15 1.5 1.20±0.15 1.22
APO58 5.8±0.3 0.60±0.15 1.8 1.35±0.15 1.22
APO68 6.8±0.3 0.65±0.15 2.2 1.45±0.15 1.22
PropertySpecification RequirementTest MethodTypical Value
Tensile strength ≥16MPa ASTM D638 ≥19.5MPa
Elongation at break ≥200% ASTM D638 ≥450%
Tensile strength after aging ≥11.5MPa ASTM D638
(136˚C/168 hrs)
Elongation at break after aging ≥100% ASTM D638
(136˚C/168 hrs)
Dielectric voltage withstand AC2500V/60S
No breakdown
ASTM D2671 No breakdown
Heat shock No cracking ASTM D2671
(180˚C/4 hrs)
No cracking
Copper corrosion No corrosion ASTM D2671
(158˚C/168 hrs)
No corrosion