AOS - Flexible medium wall polyolefin tubing

AOS - Flexible Medium Wall Polyolefin Tubing


AOS is made of elastomeric polyolefin. The inside is coated with a thick layer of hot melt adhesive which can provide a watertight seal for outdoor cable splices. The 4:1 shrink ratio and translucent tubing are particularly suitable for the connection protection of copper tube terminals.

Operating Termperature Range:
  • Operating temperature: -55˚C~110˚C
  • Minimum shrink temperature: 80˚C
  • Full recovery temperature: Above 120˚


Standard color: clear (Special sizes and cut pieces are available on request.)

  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Shrink ratio: 4:1
  • Excellent waterproof performance
  • Very flexible, UV resistant
  • Compliance with RoHS and REACH environmental regulations

Part NumberAssupplied(mm)Afterrecovered(mm)StandardLength (Meter)
I.D.(min)I.D.(max)W.T.( min)
AOS06 6.0 1.5 1.1 1.22
AOS08 8.0 2.0 1.16 1.22
AOS12 12.0 3.0 2.3 1.22
AOS20 20.0 5.0 2.5 1.22
PropertySpecification RequirementTest MethodTypical Value
Tensile strength ≥10.3MPa ASTM D638 ≥21MPa
Elongation at break ≥200% ASTM D638 ≥550%
Tensile strength after aging 70% of initial value ASTM D638
(150˚C/168 hrs)
Elongation at break after aging ≥100% ASTM D638
(150˚C/168 hrs)
Dielectric voltage withstand AC2500V/60S
No breakdown
ASTM D2671 No breakdown
Volume resistivity ≥1013Ω‧cm ASTM D876 ≥1013Ω‧cm
Copper corrosion No corrosion ASTM D2671
(150˚C/168 hrs)
No corrosion