AECM - Miniature water proof cable end cap

AECM - Miniature water proof cable end cap

Applied to the end of the wiring harness. Thick hot melt adhesive coated inside of the cap can completely sealed the nozzle after shrink to prevent moisture entering. Semi-rigid polyolefin outer jacket resists external abrasion and most chemicals erosion.
Operating temperature range:
  • Continuous working temperature: -55℃ ~ 105℃
  • Minimum shrink temperature :110˚C
  • Minimum fully recovery temperature :135˚C


Standard color :Black

  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Shrink Ratio: 4:1
  • Semi-rigid abrasion resistant and flame retardant material.
  • Meet RoHS.
Part NumberI.D. (mm)W.T. after recovered(mm)Standard Length (mm)
As supplied (Min.)After recovered (Max.)Total W.T. after recovered (Min.)
AECM-1 5.72 1.27 1.20 30.35
AECM-2 7.44 1.65 1.52 30.35
AECM-3 10.85 2.41 1.91 40.5


PropertyTest MethodTypical Value
Tensile strength ASTM D 2671 10.4Mpa (min.)
Tensile strength after aging 158℃、168hrs ASTM D 2671 Remain 70 %
Elongation at break ASTM D 2671 200% (min.)
Elongation after aging 158℃、168hrs ASTM D 2671 100% (min.)
Longitudinal shrinkage UL 224 0 to - 10%
Heat shock(250℃、4hrs) ASTM D 2671 No cracking and reduced.
Cold bend -40℃、1hr ASTM D 2671 No breakdown
Dielectric voltage withstand and breakdown AC 2500V,60 seconds ASTM D 2671 No breakdown
Volume resistance ASTM D 876 1014Ω.cm (min.)
Flammability SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 Self-extinguish within 30 seconds after flame removed.
Copper corrosion 158℃、168hrs UL 224 Pass
Water Absorption ASTM D 570 < 0.5%